marketing ideas

Early adopters use product hunt

Build a profile months before and participate. Create a list of mentors and audience. They are social media influencers. Reddit Hunting process? Can hunt your own product We sent 10 products to hunters who had experience in your space. Got rejected 10 times. She emailed personally a hunter and it worked. Create a lunch kit before launch date. 9am Europe time is a good time as system refreshes at midnight California time

Optimises tags? for what people might search for. Keep short and catchy. They offered 3 months for free. Ask for feedback everywhere.

Tell your network the week before you will launch on product hunt. Ask them to upvote. X will happily help. Easier to get to the top of launch first moment of the day.

Write a spreadsheet of contacts who will help you on the day. Put their name, and URL AND language. Is the people you think will help you.

Your images should have you logo on and the product hunt logo.

Do Facebook and Instagram stories. Do something on linked in Write a dozen ways of saying g thank you so can copy paste but look genuine.

You will be working 18 hours on the day. Get food and drinks in.

Have engineers ready and not working on product. When lots of people hit your website might find some errors.